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Snowplow is intended for tractors with power of 12-30 HP for cleaning sidewalks, streets, parking lots.

130D standard equipment:

  • Spring safety system
  • Mounted on 3-point hitch (cat. 1)
  • Steel or rubber blade
  • Mechanical tilting

Technical Specification:

  • Working width 1316 mm
  • Working width by tilting 1140 mm
  • Tilting +/- 28°
  • Snowplow height 525 mm
  • Snowplow width 4 mm
  • Weight 103 kg 

Auxiliary equipment:

  • Hydraulic tilting


We are confident in quality of snowplows therefore we can offer the best guarantee to our customers.

We will provide a professional maintenance service both during warranty and post-warranty period.


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** Price applies to 130D standard equipment (exclusive of VAT).